To say that I have been waiting for this wedding since I first met this awesome couple at their engagement session is an understatement.  I’m really not quite sure who was more excited, the bride & groom, or me.  I love barns.  I love burlap.  I love mason jars.  This wedding had all that.


On my way out the door that day I found  a four leaf clover.  The bridesmaid found another one in the yard by the barn.  The groom’s mother spotted a true bluebird, a symbol of happiness, flying around just before the ceremony.   It rained that morning (another good luck sign) but we had clear skies for the wedding.  All signs just seemed to point to a happily ever after.  What more could you want on your wedding day?

I adored the simple, timeless elegance of this baby’s breath bouquet.
Barn Wedding Portrait



Burlap & Barn Wood- a Kentucky Country Wedding

May 23, 2013