I seriously had some of the most gorgeous products come in today!  I’m in love…and not just because of the love I have for the absolutely adorable subject featured on the sample products.  These products are high quality and totally affordable and just make a stunning impression.


First up are dog tags.  The optional silencers are available in several different colors and the chain is available in long or short.  I’m using this one as an ID tag on my kids backpack but the ideas are endless.




Shown below is a simple yet charming charm bracelet.   The larger charm is the one that comes with the bracelet and the smaller is an add-on.


If you have any need to carry around business cards, you NEED one of these business card holders.  Seriously, how adorable are they?  Unlike my old rinky dink holder, this one feels totally solid in my hands.  And let’s face it, the face on it is simply irresistible.


Now for the product I’ve been dying to show off!   It’s a custom metal Christmas Ornament and oh my goodness! Of all the metal products I’ve ordered, this one impressed me the most.  They are available in different shapes and are double sided, and I promise once you buy one, you will want more!

Metal Ornament

Metal Christmas ornament


Metal Products

July 11, 2013