Ok, so I said I was going to blog her full session.  Then I realized how many images that was going to be.  And with that many images, I was afraid they’d take FOREVER to load and no one would hang around long enough to see them.  So I hope you’ll settle for the still too many but cut in half amount I’m going to post.

I’ve been waiting to do this session since I started my photography business 3 years ago.  This is my niece, and she has been my willing model over and over again.  You may even remember her from the zombie shoot we did last year.  When she is in front of my camera, magic happens.  Seriously.  There’s no other words to describe it.  She’s such a natural!  Several months ago I told her I wasn’t doing anymore pictures for her until her senior shoot so I’d have fresh ideas.  She’s been patiently waiting ever since.  I’m actually not quite sure who was more excited for this shoot, me or her!

But here she is…starting her last year of high school as my own baby begins his school journey.  Sob…. ;'(

Ohio County senior session at Pine Knob, KY by nkphotography, Kentucky senior photographer


Seniors & Teens

Pine Knob Session Senior 2014: Kentucky Senior Photographer

August 2, 2013