I know you’ve probably wondered this before…”Exactly how safe are my images after you take them?”  Unfortunately, there’s not much of a way to keep them safe from camera to computer.  If the memory card crashes, then you probably won’t see your images again without a reshoot.

But we’re going to pretend I didn’t even just say that.  Let’s talk about how safe they are once they are actually on my computer.  First off, I don’t immediately clear the images from my memory card so for awhile they stay on an external hard drive and the memory card.

Next, I back them up to a disc.  Wedding clients who haven’t ordered yet also have their images put into my dropbox folder, which is FREE cloud storage.  (Let me know if you want your own account and we can help each other earn more free storage).

Wedding and portrait sessions who have yet to place their order have their images backed up to a USB along with the disc.  Every file in dropbox and on the USB is backed up to another third party cloud storage site, Backblaze.

I do remove files from dropbox and the USB once orders have been placed, but your images still remain on an external hard drive and a disc.

Can I say with 100% certainty that nothing will ever happen to your images? No.  Technology isn’t that predictable and remember the huge Y2K scare? What I can say is that I’m doing a whole lot to make sure your images aren’t lost after your session.


How Safe are my Images? : Kentucky Wedding & Portrait Photographer

August 24, 2013