I’m making it a goal to share more of my personal life with you all.  I know I always love reading and learning about other people and “getting to know” them through the information they share.  I want you all to get to know me outside of being just a photographer.  Admittedly, it’s hard for me to share personal information! I am by no means funny (though I have a sense of humor), and really my life is pretty boring.  So if you’re still with me, maybe you’d like to see what our elf, Swap Force, got into while visiting from the North Pole this Christmas.  I always love seeing other people’s ideas and thought you might as well!  Disclaimer: Many (Most of maybe even all) of these are not my ideas.  I scour pinterest too! After 3 years of elf antics, my husband and I are simply not as original as we once were.  Oh, and many of these were taken at 6 am before my child left for school and under horrendous CFL lighting.   But here they are, in no particular order:





My 5 year old ended up with the stomach bug the week of Christmas.  Unfortunately so did Swap Force.

christmas 2013-3839christmas 2013-3835christmas 2013-3812christmas 2013-3834elf on the shelfelf on the shelf kentucky photographer gingerbread house elf on the shelfelf on the shelf kentucky photographerelf on the shelf kentucky photographerchristmas 2013-3701elf on the shelf kentucky photographerelf on the shelf kentucky photographerelf on the shelf kentucky photographer

The very last day, Swap Force left a scavenger hunt that led to a small present.  If you’re interested, you can find our scavenger hunt clues down below.

christmas 2013-3846



Good morning!  This is my last day with you.  Tonight, I fly back to the North Pole to help Santa deliver presents and get ready for next Christmas.  But don’t worry, I’ll be back next year!


I thought you and I could do one last fun thing before I leave, so I’ve hidden 5 candy canes in the house.  To find them, follow the clues.  Here’s the first clue:


To find the candy canes with these clues,

look where you hide your shoes.


Great Job!

You can search from wall to wall,

but you’ll find the next one having a ball.


Don’t let these clues drive you berserk,

find the next where your momma works.


Almost done!

The candy canes you can keep,

find the next where you can sleep.


Minty stripes of red and white,

find this one where you get a bite.



You’ve found the last one,

but you aren’t quite done.


I have one more surprise for you,

and I’ll tell you that it’s blue.


You’ll find it decked with a bow,

held by a man made out of snow.










Elf on the Shelf | Kentucky photographer

December 29, 2013