N’s 6th Birthday Photo Session | Kentucky Children Photographer


February 2, 2014

Admittedly, this shoot is personal.  This little guy is none other than my own pride and joy and it both saddens me and excites me to say he will be turning 6 one week from today.  He’s had a rough winter between being sick all through Christmas and then having a tonsillectomy two and a half weeks ago, so it was important to me to do some fun birthday pictures because quite frankly, it was time for some fun!


We are celebrating with a Chuck E Cheese Birthday party this year, so of course we had to wear our party shirt for a couple images!

Sixth Birthday Kentucky Child Photographernikolas 6th birthday-4139nikolas 6th birthday-4143nikolas 6th birthday-4161nikolas 6th birthday-4164




I also wanted some more formal images just because I knew that the suit would look AMAZING with the gray backdrop I have.  And seriously, when did my little man turn into a GQ model?


nikolas 6th birthday-4175nikolas 6th birthday-4180nikolas 6th birthday-4183nikolas 6th birthday-4187nikolas 6th birthday-4189nikolas 6th birthday-4196




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