Little M came to see me when he was about 11 months to get his portraits taken since he would soon be turning one.  While we were photographing, his momma and I began discussing what we could do when he actually turned one and a cake smash was planned.

I loooove shooting cake smashes, and when I found out it was pirate themed, I knew I had to add a simple pirate touch to the photos.

Just a disclaimer: The coins were bought to add a little extra oomph to the cake picture.  We discussed it, and Mom made the decision to leave the coins in the photo for the cake smash depending on whether Little M tried to put them in his mouth.  We were ready to remove them completely if he tried to put them in his mouth, and he was very, very, closely supervised.  Fortunately,  it ended up not being much of an issue.  🙂 For safety’s sake, just consider this me telling you to not try it.


first birthday pirate cake smash

Cake Smash

First Birthday & Pirate Cake Smash

September 28, 2014