I’m super excited about this years Christmas set.  It’s still a work in progress since, as many of you know, I work inside my home so I haven’t been able to put the Christmas tree up yet!  See the photo I’m posting and just know it’s the unfinished set.


clark halloween-2856

If you are (understandably) afraid of entering a stranger’s home to have your photos made, then by all means bring a friend with you.  🙂


$35 1 pose (1-8×10, 3-5×7’s, 4 wallets)

$55 2 poses (1-8×10, 5-5×7’s, 8 wallets)

$70 disc of digital files

10% off additional a la carte prints.


********Spoiler Alert********

There’s a very good chance this will be the last holiday mini session set I have in my house! Cross your fingers and if you’re the praying kind, please pray for God’s guidance in what I have planned.  😉


Upcoming Christmas Mini-Sessions

October 23, 2014