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I bought my first Erin Condren Life Planner (ECLP) at the end of January.  Planners are absolutely my lifeline and I stumbled on the ECLP’s and thought I’d try it out.  Even though they are definitely pricey, they are cute and colorful AND are available in a vertical format; all qualities which I absolutely need in a planner!  So when the 2016 rose gold edition launched, I knew I had to have it.  It is ROSE GOLD after all.  To make myself use the rest of my first 2015 planner, I chose not to get the 18 month version.  I just hated for half of an expensive planner to go to waste!  It may kill me waiting until January to fully make use of this!


The rose gold was a ready to ship option, so there was only one cover choice available (RTS planners do come with a coupon code for a free cover later on) and honestly, I can’t say I’m in love with the stock cover.  It’s not ugly, but the periwinkle just doesn’t excite me.  There’s definitely a custom cover in the future and I’m hoping they come out with some new rose gold foil ones.  Eventually.  Because the rose gold is gorgeous.

The gold coils are notorious for chipping so I’m curious how this one will hold up.



Inside the album is a vellum sheet with rose gold foil detailing.  Gotta admit, the foiled vellum page is one of the reasons I wanted a gold/platinum foil planner.  I’m a sucker for vellum. The writing showing through is from the page under the vellum and I agree with so many other reviewers that it’s awesome there’s a spot for your name actually in the planner now and not on the inside of the covers.




One of the the things that bothers me about this planner is the size of the coil.  Until about a week ago, I was unaware that all planners were receiving the same size coil regardless if they were 18 month or 12 month.  I just feel like this coil is way too big for the 12 month planner.  If I had known this, I would have spent the extra $5 and ordered the 18 month just to fill out the planner a little more.  In addition to being a BIG coil, my planner just looks puny on it.  It’s probably great for those who like to really decorate their planner since the bigger coil would allow for more expansion.  But I’m a simple girl and my planner is pretty basic.  The rose gold coil in the photo below is the new 2016 planner and the silver one is from my current 2015 ECLP.  Both are 12 month planners.



I have a love/hate relationship with the new simplified layout.  The layout is so clean and simple and gorgeous.  Like it is ready and waiting to be filled with daily to-do’s and much much more. But one of the reasons I originally switched to the ECLP was because of the morning, day, and night labeled boxes.  That just worked so well for me! I know I’m in the minority on that and I know I can label the boxes however I want. I am just one of those crazy people who like it already printed so my handwriting doesn’t make it look messy!  With that said, because there aren’t labels, I probably will play with custom boxes more than before.

The vertical layout was also the best option for me.  I’m a list maker and just don’t find the horizontal as appealing for that purpose.  My photo sessions and everything go in my planner and the vertical just works for me.



Now for my biggest pet peeve about the whole planner.  THEY’VE REMOVED THE MONTH AT A GLANCE CALENDAR FROM THE WEEKLY LAYOUT!  Yes, that deserves shouty capitals!  It’s not that I don’t have thankful thoughts, because I do, but by golly I am a practical girl and the monthly calendar on the weekly layout was such a practical thing.  I use it ALL THE TIME in my 2015 ECLP.  This feature will be greatly missed come January.



Another nifty little feature of the ECLP’s are the folders and pockets in the back.  I use the zipper seal pocket to hold what few stickers I do use and the bigger pocket to hold the extra ECLP removable stickers I purchase.  Because I just love those little stickers.  Removable and colorful and just awesome (even if I’m not fond of the pre-printed colors that came with the 2016. Guess I’ll be ordering my own colors before January.  Still, the stickers are awesome though.)  It’s not pictured here, but the ECLP comes with a perpetual calendar to write down important dates and events.  The plastic ruler is also less busy so it’s easier to see through.  I keep mine as a bookmark to my stickers.






Overall I’m impressed with it.  I know so many have had issues with receiving theirs, coil issues, customer service, etc… This is the third order (one just for stickers and a cover) I’ve placed with them and maybe I’ve just been lucky so far.  Any imperfections I’ve encountered were so minor they weren’t worth worrying about.


Unfortunately the rose gold was limited edition and is currently sold out (the last I checked anyway).  But if you are new to ECLP’s and would like to make your first purchase, you can click here to set up your account and receive $10 off your first planner.



Now that I’ve had this for a little while, and the shiny new has wore off (figuratively), I have a couple gripes.  Even though I’m not yet using it as a daily planner, I am still using it to mark things due next year and dates that I am shooting weddings.  My first gripe would be that there are not near enough lined pages in the back!  The addition of the note page at the beginning of each month is great, but I keep a lot of notes in the back that I need for all the time.  With this edition, there are considerably less lined pages due to the addition of the graph pages and monthly note pages.

Also, I find I baby this thing because I’m scared I’ll chip the rose gold coil.  My planners are used and abused and I just don’t like being this cautious.  It’s pretty, but honestly, next time I think I’ll skip the gold editions that are known to flake and just get a regular, cheaper, non-flaky coil.




2016 Rose Gold Erin Condren Life Planner Review & First Impressions

June 26, 2015