See the girl in the photos below?  I’m still in disbelief that she’s old enough to be engaged! I went to church with her for years, pretty sure I even had her in class once when I was subbing at the High School too.  So how is it she is now old enough to even have a serious boyfriend, let alone get married! I totally adore this couple but by golly they are making me feel sooooo old right now!

Betsy is from here, but she went off to college a couple hours away and ended up meeting this guy.  If you didn’t know better, you’d probably already think they were married.  They feed off each other so well!

They made the 2 hour trip back to OC for their engagement session so we met up at the local park.  It was a little chilly but Betsy’s grandma’s big fuzzy blanket saved the day.  Both for Betsy to warm up between poses and for them to sit on during photos.

I fully expect their September wedding to be totally fun.



Spring Outdoor Engagement Session

April 12, 2017