In my head, I’ve gone over a thousand times what I want this blog post to say.  So if I ramble, please forgive me.  There’s a lot I want to talk about and I hope you bare with me through it all.

Let me start by saying this; I have always hated portrait collections.  When I first started my business, I sold them because that’s just what I thought you did.  X amount of sheets of 3 poses for $xxx.  But I HATED it.  Who wants to be stuck with images you aren’t going to give anyone?  With time, I phased them out and went to A La Carte offerings with no regrets.

Years ago, 8 to be exact, everyone wanted prints.  Now everyone wants digital files.  Here’s the thing, I do too.  I want all my images.  But I also want my pictures printed and I print my pictures.  I even print my phone pics every couple months.

But then my clients started telling me, months (and sometimes years!) after their session, that they hadn’t even printed their pictures yet.  Or worse, they did print them, but the quality was terrible, especially in comparison to the pro prints they had previously ordered through me.  You all, that absolutely breaks my heart.  You deserve high quality prints!

For months, this has weighed on my mind.  But I still didn’t want to offer ordinary collections.  And then I started asking questions.  You know what I found out?  Most people who responded chose the digitals just because they were overwhelmed and couldn’t pick just a couple images for prints.  And the biggest poll response I had, with 100% voting the exact same way?  EVERYONE who responded loves looking at old photos.  Yet my clients are telling me they rarely print theirs!!! What are your kids going to look at?  Your grandkids?

Thus, the new Legacy Collections were created.  The top packages include an album, custom designed and printed for you so that’s one less thing you have to worry about. You can easily add most of your session (so you know, all your fave images) to an album. Know what else they include?  10+ digital files, depending on the collection.  And they include prints!  Some collections a gallery wrap while others a proof set, but still, high quality, archival images that your future ancestors can enjoy looking at.  These collections really do have it all.

Now I understand I have some clients who see me multiple times a year.  Or sometimes you just don’t need a super large canvas from every single session every year.  I do get it.  For that reason, I’m continuing to sell A La Carte, just as I have done for years.  You don’t have to purchase a collection.  But I do hope the collections help you have it all.  That’s my goal.





Print & Collection Changes

August 8, 2018