2018 was a whirlwind.  For so many reasons and many of them I won’t get into here because let’s face it, that’s not why you’re reading this post.  So let me tell you how me and my big mouth kinda sorta but not really led to this special announcement.

In March, we had to do a ton of expensive front end work to my husbands vehicle.

In April we had to replace a central air unit.  The whole unit outside and parts inside the house and it took 6 WEEKS to get everything fixed.

In May, the water heater busted and ruined half my living room floors.  Both those things had to be replaced.

In June, we bought a pool.  Nothing extravagant, just big enough for my little family of 3 to splash around in.

In July, we bought 6 chickens and a small coop.  Thanks to darling husband, that quickly escalated into 4 coops and about 6 times as many chickens.  Where’s the facepalm emoji when you need it?

At the end of July I looked at my husband and said, “I wonder what August will bring?”

Me and my big mouth.

August brought a positive pregnancy test.

Yes, you read that correctly.  With a 10 year old splashing around in a pool, chickens running around the yard, and me still trying to recover from the tumultuous spring, I found myself staring at not one, but two positive pregnancy tests that were definitely not expected.

So in a nutshell, that’s why I’ve been so MIA on my page.  Being pregnant at 36 is way harder than being pregnant at 25!  I was either working (which was a lot because it was fall busy season) or I was sleeping.  Combine that with weeks of all day nausea, and my social media has been a bit neglected.  But now you know why.  While I haven’t been not telling people, I’m just a private person in general so I haven’t broadcast it all over everything.  However, if you’ve seen me recently, my belly is definitely speaking for itself these days so I thought I might as well tell everyone where I’ve been.  Especially since it does effect spring bookings.

And baby boy Kassinger is due to make his appearance in April.  🙂

Because of my age, I’m considered a high risk pregnancy.  Not only that,  they straight up call it an “elderly” pregnancy.  (Now where’s the mad face emoji?)  Due to my high risk status, I will not be taking any weddings until after my maternity leave.  Though I worked until 38 weeks with my last pregnancy, the last thing I want is to be put on bed rest or go into labor early and leave a bride hanging.  I will continue to take regular sessions as long as I can.  🙂

I am expecting to go on maternity leave in April, and will be back at work for regular sessions as soon as I feel I can function.  May is already booked for the only wedding I’m taking that month, and I will take on weddings June-December though I won’t be taking on as many as normal.

If all goes smoothly the next couple months, Easter/spring mini-sessions will be early March so hopefully I can get everything to you well before I go into labor.



PS… The baby bump above was a month ago!  It’s definitely had a bit of a growth spurt since then.


Can’t Hide This News Any Longer

December 28, 2018