I’ve been a photographer for almost a decade now, and I’ve shot several sparkler exits. Through the learning process, I’ve learned a few things that help give sparkler photos that extra oomph. Today I’m going to share a few of those tips with you so you can help your photographer (and yourself!) get the best sparkler photos.


Tip #1…Buy the long sparklers! So why does this matter? The short answer is that the sparklers last longer. When they last longer, all the sparklers together can put out extra sparkly goodness. That means your exit can last longer and I’ll get to more on that in a minute. This is probably the number one tip that makes the biggest difference.

Tip #2… Plan your exit in a location where people have enough room to made a decent walking path. This is so bride, groom, photographer, and videographer (or your guests) don’t get burned during the exit. This is especially important for wedding receptions with an open bar. Ask me how I know…. Although to be fair, the guy that almost lit my hair on fire was wondering in the path not paying attention…drunk or not I’m not real sure but there was an open bar that night.


Tip #3… I can’t take total credit for this tip as I read it on another blog and if I can find it again I’ll give them some credit below. But this is another little tip that makes a HUGE difference. Are you ready for it? Do not light each sparkler individually with the lighter. Why? By the time the end of the line is lit, the first sparklers will be about gone. Instead, have your lighter person light every third or fourth sparkler and let the others light off each other. It gets them lit much faster!

Tip #4… Slow walk through the sparklers. This doesn’t mean you move super slow, just don’t run through. (Hint-if you use the long sparklers you have more time to get through 😉 ) Your photographer and videographer can actually get more shots this way.


Tip #5… Stop in the middle and kiss if that’s a shot you want. Why the middle? It’s going to have the most sparkly light around you.



You may want to do a second walk through for extra shots if the sparklers are still going.


There you go! Hope this helps you plan your exit. Hit the contact button if you’d like me to photograph yours!


The Wedding Sparkler Exit | 5 Tips and Tricks To Help Your Photographer Get Great Images

July 22, 2019