The weather service predicted three days of storms, two of which had the potential for severe storms. Olivia and Calvin’s scheduled engagement session of course fell into this stormy weather window.

After days weather watching, the Tuesday they were scheduled for showed a gap in between rain and storms. With many warnings from yours truly about how muddy it was going to be, we went for it anyway and let me just say I am 100% glad we did.

Olivia chose heels for one of her outfits, so we began on the trails and changed locations and shoe swap next.

Also, I don’t do too many black and whites usually, but so many images from this session just begged to black and white!

engaged couple walking on trail
black and white images of girl with head close to boyfriend and her hand on his chest
guy lifting girl off ground
guy picking up his fiancé and spinning her around

Time for a shoe swap and location change! My light and bright photo loving heart loved this spot!

couple hugging
man bear hugging fiancé
Couple facing each other

These two have been together for four years and newly engaged. No matter what I suggested, they were up for it. Mud and all. I can’t wait for their wedding next year.


Storm Dodging Engagement Session | Hartford, KY Photographer

May 9, 2024

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