If I had to choose one detail that stands out to me most of all from this wedding, it would be the way the groom, S, looked at his bride.  There was love, adoration, and a possessive (not to be confused with jealous) she’s mine.  He was proud of her and every move he made, every glance he cast her way, showcased just how much he loved her.  Its no doubt that all the grooms I shoot love their brides, but something about the way S would look at L made me feel like I was watching a romantic comedy.

L, if you are reading this, always cherish the love S has for you.  And S, never, ever, stop looking at her that way.

Thank you so much you two for allowing me to be a part of your day.  You all are awesome and I wish you both a very long life together.

Venue: Cedar Grove Baptist Church; Olaton, KY


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Rustic Fall Church Wedding | Kentucky Wedding Photographer

December 14, 2015