I’ve been in business a few years now but this is only the second opportunity I’ve had to shoot multiples.  Is it odd that both times those sessions were easier than many of my sessions with just one baby???? Weird, right?! These two were born several weeks premature and had to spend some time in the NICU.  By the time they came to see me, they were several weeks old and yet it was like the day after their original due date.  But both babies were thankfully doing well and it was so easy to tell mom and dad made a great team to take care of them.  As for me, it was love at first sight.  Momma had come to me for a maternity session shortly before giving birth and I’d been eager to meet the littles ever since!


twin newborn session | kentucky photographer



Dad is a firefighter and this shot was the hardest to get.  They were having no part of laying on his gear.  I think it took all three of us to get this shot!

twin newborn session | kentucky photographertwin newborn session | kentucky photographer


Twin Newborns | Kentucky Portrait Photographer

January 6, 2016