The 2018 Christmas mini-session info is finally here!  This years theme: Village Christmas!  I’m in love with this set and hope you are too!  While this set can be totally dressed up in your christmas best, it will also be adorable with vests, boots, hats, mittens, etc….  So many options with this one.


The dates for this limited edition set are Nov. 17-19 & 25-26.



I want to better serve you by giving you products you want!  So I’ve listened to your feedback and reduced the number of wallets in each collection!  There are still some for those who love them but fewer for those who just don’t need them and end up stashing them in a hidden drawer.  And as always, if you need more, you can add on!



Digital files with print release

(offered via digital download.  CD’s only on request)

10 5×7 Christmas cards

(See our Christmas Card Designs by clicking here!)



Digital files with print release

(offered via digital download.  CD’s only on request)





4 wallets

2 poses





4 wallets

(1 pose)


Reminder-mini-sessions are 15-20 minutes long.  Click here to book your appointment online. (I typically contact people with the info provided online to confirm sessions so please give an email thats frequently checked and a valid phone number).  I can also be contacted at 270.256.2414 or


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Village Christmas Mini-Sessions

October 27, 2017