Y’all, this fashionable country senior portrait session was an absolute dream to shoot. I’ve been photographing this girl since she was probably 7 or 8 years old. I’d had the honor to photograph her a couple times as a child. However, she moved away later on and I went a few years without seeing her.

Flash forward to her senior year of high school, and she contacted me to do her senior portraits. I was so excited! So we arranged to meet up at a local park. When she got out of her car and I saw the layered jewelry and the cardigan and I was IMMEDIATELY excited. (Layers always give you things to work with during a session.) Truly, fashionable country is the best way (for me) to describe her vibe for these images.

So we take a few shots and all of a sudden her friend yells out from the car, “You want your hat?”

I think we were both going, “yes please!” So to her friend that remembered the hat, thank you. I think we worked that hat every which way we could and having it totally made the magic for some of these.

At one point I looked at J and told her she reminded me of one of those like country woman fashion magazines. When she told me that was the look she was going for, I couldn’t help but think she totally nailed it.

senior portrait of a girl in a hat
fashionable country senior portrait session
senior wearing fashionable animal print shirt

We were shooting this toward the end of season for the dogwoods to be in bloom. But I’m so glad we were able to work them in to this photo. I just love the delicate flowers combined with the boldness of the animal print shirt she’s wearing.

Funny story: I told her I knew a spot the dogwoods were in bloom. And that they would make pretty photos. She went along with me, but later confessed she had had no idea what I was talking about. Thank you J for just trusting me on this one!

J nailed her fashionable country senior portrait session. I think she’s a natural model! And it was an honor to be able to capture her senior photos.

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Fashionable Country Senior Portrait Session

July 14, 2021