Welcome to the first blog post of What to Wear Wednesday! It’s time to start planning your fall family portraits, and I’m going to do my best to help you with the ever dreaded what to wear. Sometimes the hardest part is simply finding a starting piece and working off that.

Now when I think of fall, I think burgundy, rust, plum, brown, orange, cream, navy and mustard yellow. The jewel tones. So for the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some inspiration boards that focus on those color schemes. Today’s edition is based around green and orange (with a sprinkle of brown and white).

Confession: this was the runner up color scheme for what I was planning for my own personal fall family photos. (I’ll reveal my personal board in a few weeks!). But my husband called this scheme a little hipster and if you’ve ever met us, you’ll know that is simply not my husband. At all. And I did want something my family would wear again so I’m sharing this board with you all, because honestly, I’m still eyeing this dress for my closet and thinking I might use this color scheme for next year anyway.

Please note: I’m coordinating based on on screen colors…so actual product colors may vary when you order. I’m hoping for the best here.

The Color Scheme

brown, green, white, and orange fall family portrait mood board

I am no fashionista by any means, but I’d put all these with brown fall shoes. I really don’t recommend the shoe options that are shown here.

Where to Find Them

mens green shirt

mens brown pants

teen boy men green pants

teen boy white mens shirt

womens orange dress

girls brown dress

toddler boys outfit

Let’s Recap

I know figuring out what to wear for your family portraits is often the hardest part and that’s why I’m here to help the best I can! I’ve tried to link only pieces with great reviews. First of all, I recommend starting with an outfit for the mom or teen daughter (they are often the pickiest) and building from there. Remember, there is no need to make everyone wear matching shirts. Just coordinate your colors together! That’s also a great way to not feel like you’re buying the same outfit over and over again. Other things that work well are cute jackets, cardigans, necklaces, scarves, fashionable hats, etc…

I’d love to know if this helped you figure out what you wear for your fall family portraits and let me know if you’d love to see more of these boards in the future.

Ready to book your fall session?

I am now booking full October sessions and will be releasing my fall special info in a few weeks.

What To Wear

What to Wear Fall Family Portraits | Orange and Green

August 3, 2021