It was time for little R to come see this photographer for some updated one year old photos! His mom (not pictured here) and his sister even made an appearance in a few of the photos. And seriously, how adorable is this first cheese face? This is probably the one I’d hang on my wall, even with his eyes closed! Sometimes the perfect photo isn’t necessarily “perfect”.

With one year olds, you honestly never know what you’re going to get. Are they going to cry because they need to stay under studio lights? Are they going to be happy and playful? Will they be into everything? (Ok, that one is actually almost always a given yes). This little one quickly grew bored with everything we tried to get him into (again, typical). But I think this photographer won with some patience and we captured some absolutely adorable images and so many different facial expressions. Truthfully, I probably should showcase more of those in this blog than what I have…

I grew up -and still live in- in a sports household that bleeds blue (go Wildcats!). So of course the one thing this littles dad wanted just happened to be a Louisville hat. I’ll give him a pass this time because he did look just so darn cute in it.

I seriously love the clapping phase. Littles get so excited over everything and start clapping and it’s just so stinking adorable. All you have to do is say, “yay” and there they go, just clapping away. Maybe we should try that more often as adults?

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One Year Old R | Hartford, KY Child Photographer

May 11, 2022